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Octogonal Blender

We are one of the pioneer Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers from India, We manufacture Octogonal Blender which used in the Granulation Department for blending of the products, there are several types of Blenders used in the Pharma Industry out of which Octogonal Blender is the most popular Blender, as good blending of products is achieved because of the motion and speed of the machine. Octogonal Blender can be manufactured from 50 Litres to 5000 litres.

Capacity 5-5000 LITRES
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Octogonal Blenders

Octagonal Blenders, due to its octagonal shape is designed to process to larger volume of material. it occupies less space compared to other similar blenders like 'V' and Double Cone. Power consumption is also less, The blending takes place at low speed during operation. It is well balanced even in higher capacities.

  • Dry powder mixing for tablets and capsules formulations.
  • Dry granules sub lots mixing to increase the batch size at bulk lubrication stage of tablet Granules
Salient features:
  • Contact parts in stainless steel 304 or 316
  • Octagonal shaped with rectangular center, conical discharge frustum and rectangular top frustum
  • Baffles provided in the shell
  • Manhole with gasket is provided to fix baffles and for ease of cleaning the shell
  • Charging and discharging is through a butterfly valve. A conical adaptor can be provided for fixing charging drum after butterfly valve
  • Unit can be provided with bin charging arrangement
  • All moving parts are enclosed in guards
  • A safety railing with a limit switch is provided for operator safety · Manual Inching arrangement can be provided
  • Flame - proof motors with flame - proof push button stations can be provided.

Technical Specification :
Models GROSS
RDOB 5 12 10 0.5 12 4"
RDOB 10 25 20 0.5 12 4"
RDOB 25 50 40 0.5 12 4"
RDOB 100 250 200 1 8 6"
RDOB 150 375 300 1 5/10 6"
RDOB 200 500 400 1.5 5/10 6"
RDOB 250 625 500 2 5/10 8"
RDOB 500 1250 1000 3 5/10 10"
RDOB 1000 2500 2000 5 5/10 12"
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