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Tablet Punching Machine

We are one of the pioneer Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers from India. We manufacture a variety of Tablet Press from small to volumes to large volumes. We have different Tablet Punching Machine is Double Rotary Tablet Machine with four models RDB3D-27, RDB3B-27,RDB3B-35, RDB3B-45. Double Rotary Tablet Press is used for big volume production. This has 6.5 ton compression force.
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Tablet Punching Machinery

¨ Salient Features :
  • Redesigned variable speed pulley.
  • Seperate centre pillar of C.I. graded casting.
  • Turret of C.I. special grade casting.
  • Very rigid Gun metal Feed frame (both identical) with sufficient height to avoid spill over powder.
  • All columns, nuts and hand wheel rim are Electroplated.
  • Turret with key slots, essential for shaped tooling provided on 27, 33, 35 37 station machine (optional on 41 & 45 station machine.)
  • Central oil lubrication system with hand pump.
  • Turret rotates on needle roller thrust bearing which is immersed in oil for frictionless rotation.
  • Pressure gauge provided to check compression load.
  • Separate, front and rear take off chutes to avoid any blockage or double compression resulting in accident.
  • Excellent finish, accessibility for ease of cleaning, operation and maintenance.
  • Oil groove on top face of turret for collection of excess oil.
  • Machine can be equipped to compress two layer tablets.
  • Optional equipment like Dust Extractor unit and De-dusting & De-burring unit can be attached with machine other than electrical supply.
  • We have developed a 3 piece turret to avoid cracking between the die holes especially for 33,35, 41 and 45 station machine.
  • Machine is totally enclosed i.e. Top half of the machine (compression zone) with S.S hood & acrylic covers and lower half of the machine complete with matt finished S.S. covers. This reduces the noise level and prevents to and fro flow of dust between compression zone and compression room.
  • Anti Vibration pads provided, hence no foundation required.
Technical Specifications

Model No. RDB3D-27 RDB3B-27 RDB3B-35 RDB3B-45
Tooling D B B BB
No . Of Stations 27 27 35 45
Max . Output(Tab/hr) 136,080 136,080 176,400 226,800
Max . Pressure 100 kN 65 kN 65 kN 65 kN
Max . Tablet Dia. 23 mm 16 mm 16 mm 11.1 mm
Max . Depth of Fill 20 mm 17.5 mm 17.5 mm 17.5 mm
Main Motor 3 HP, 1400 RPM, 3 Ph. A.C. Supply
Overall Dmns. 1400 x 1320 x 2050H (mm) Approx.
Net Weight 1425 Kgs. Approx.
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Tablet Capsule Deblistering Machine

¨ Salient Features :
  • Fast product recovery.
  • Minimum product breakage during recovery.
  • Accommodates combination packs.
  • Low noise level and low maintenance.
  • Manual feeding of blister packs makes visual inspection easy.
  • Transparent covers in blister packs makes visual inspection easy.
  • Long life hypalone coated rubber roller.

Operational parameters
  • Vials, ampoules and soft gelatine capsules cannot be recovered.
  • In case of products blister filled in the thermoformed pvc film and sealed with hsl coated aluminum foil, out put efficiency as high as 90% can be achieved. The efficiency reduces to 60% in case of recovery from glass lined paper foils.
  • Maximum safe recovery of products is assured from packs comprising of pvc film with maximum thickness of 0.2 to 0.4 mm, sealed with aluminum foil having maximum thickness 0.02 to 0.04 mm.
  • Maximum pack width accepted is 110mm. However there is no restriction on the length of the packs.
Technical Specifications

Electrical 230 volts 0.7 amps. 50 hz.
Speed 60 rpm
Length 460mm x 355mm x 1030mm
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