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Manufactured using advanced technology, Bottle filling Line is comprised of filling, washing and capping with absolute automation. The line is perfectly appropriate for filling water, such as pure water, mineral water into PET bottles and Polyester bottles. The bottleneck jamming makes the procedure of altering bottles effortlessly by only amending the height of the conveyor chain. Clients can avail this filling line from us at very cost effective prices.

Rotary Semi Automatic Bottle Washing Machine

Compact and highly efficient, this Rotary Semi Automatic Bottle Washing Machine has geneva cam mechanism. The machine is comprised of two nos. SS tanks and pumps, that ensures speedy washing of bottles. Further, a separate panel control is installed in the machine so as to shun any short circuit owing to spraying of water. Easy loading and unloading, simple operations and effortless maintenance, makes this machine highly demanded in the market.

  • Easy operation
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Output : 100 bottles per minute
  • Manual loading & unloading
  • Machine with Geneva cam mechanism
  • Suitable for washing various types of bottles ranging from: 15 ml. to 500ml.
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Volumetric Bottle Filling Machine

Volumetric Bottle Filling Machine offered by us is extensively used for precisely filling numerous liquids into canes, vials, bottles and any other container. Works on volumetric principle with diving nozzles, the machine has an elegantly designed cabinet covered with S.S. outer cover and ensuring trouble free services. Owing to electric motor with apt gear box, the machine becomes perfect for heavy liquid up to 1000 ml.

  • Easy operation
  • S.S elegantly matt finished body
  • Automatic washing of conveyor belt
  • No container No filling system – to avoid spillage
  • Elegant and easy control panel for total control on operation
  • Suitable for filling liquids like syrups, suspensions, serums, oils, paints, inks and lotions
Technical Specification
Speed Count 3
Stroke Count 8, 16 & 24 strokes
Bottle Volume 1000 to 3000 bottles/hr
S.S. syringes 2 nos
Power 1.0 HP; 440 volts

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Semi Automatic Single Head Ropp Cap Sealing Machine

Semi Automatic Single Head ROPP Cap Sealing Machine precision built on robust welded steel frame entirely enclosed in doors and stainless steel sheet are provided to allow the servicing of machine. The machine is instilled with having motorized revolving head mechanism, which makes sure proper cap sealing with uniform torque. Elegantly designed cabinet covered with S.S outer cover, this machine require manual feeding & unloading container The machine is equipped with an electric motor with suitable gearbox that makes it ideal for heavy liquid up to 1000 ml.

  • Easy & quick setting
  • Front side control panel
  • No change parts required
  • S.S. Elegantly Matt Finished Body
  • The machine is made compact & versatile
  • Low noise level, low power consumptions
  • Used to sealing bottle in pharmaceuticals, food, dairy, agro chemicals and beverage industries
Technical Specification
Speed Count 3
Stroke Count 8, 16 & 24 strokes
Bottle Volume 1000 to 3000 bottles/hr
S.S. syringes 2 nos
Power 1.0 HP; 440 volts

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Automatic Four Head Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine

Works on volumetric principle with diving nozzles, this Automatic Four Head Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine is made using versatile, compact and enclosed in stainless steel body. This machine is comprised of S.S. Slat Conveyor, Reciprocating Nozzle with SS Syringe & self-centering devices. The standard feature of the machine is no container and no filling system.

  • Motorized operated
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Machines are also used to fill light foam based products
  • Machines have a metal body, specially stainless steel body
  • Specialized machinery allows easy of reassembling and cleaning
  • Machines are used to fill oil, paints, ink, adhesive, gel, chemicals, lubricants, liquid medicines and many more
Technical Specification
Output/Hour 2400 to 6000*
Direction of Movement Left to Right
Number of head/Syringe 4 Nos
Fill Size 5 ml to 1000 ml
Power Consumption Main Machine 2 HP / 415 Volts / 50Hz
Conveyor 0.25 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz

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Automatic Multi Head Ropp Capping Machine

Automatic Multi Head Ropp Capping Machine is a compact machine that is extensively used for sealing of ROPP caps on the bottle. Highly versatile, the machine is self-supported on stainless steel leg along with height adaptable adjustment system. The machine is precision built on robust welded MS frame entirely enclosed in stainless steel sheet and doors are provided to allow the servicing of machine.

  • No container no cap arrangement
  • S.S. elegantly matt finished body
  • Low noise level, low power consumptions
  • Adjustable bottle height gauge for easy and quick setting
  • Universal coupling for quick and easy setting of In-feed worm
Technical Specification
Output/Hour 3600 to 6000 bottles
Direction of Movement** Left to Right
No. of sealing head 4 Nos
Electrical Specification** Main Motor 1.5 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz
Cap Feeding Bowl 0.25 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz
Height of Conveyor** 860 mm to 910 mm
Machine Dimensions** 2135 mm (L) x 1120 mm (W) x 2250 (H) Approx

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Bottle Inspection Conveyor

Bottle Inspection Conveyor is comprised of a three-track conveyor that is equipped with a hood of SS 304 with lighting arrangement and inspection background of alternate black & white color. With stainless steel structure and moving S.S slat chain, the conveyor is made out of S.S square pipe & supported on adjustable bolts.

  • Direct gear drive
  • SS elegantly matt finishing
  • AC frequency variable drive
  • Length can make as per customer requirement
  • PVC black & white board as per GMP norms
  • Self alignment bearing for easy maintenance
Technical Specification
Direction of Movement Left to Right
Output* Up to 100 Containers / minute
Number of operator Four (2 x 2, Two side seated)
Power Characteristics** 0.5 HP/220 V/50 Hz

Brand Riddhi
Capacity 50-100 bottles per minute
Design Customized

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Automatic Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

Automatic Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine is extensively used for full/partial wrap around labeling on diverse size of round containers. Competent of labeling up to 150 containers per minutes, the machine is offered as per the products and label size. Perfect for labeling on round bottles, vials and other round objects.

  • In built speed indicator & counter
  • Easy to change label application height
  • User friendly label placing adjustments
  • PLC based system with touch screen HMI
  • Self protected against any voltage fluctuations
  • High production speed up to 150 containers/min
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Chemicals industry
  • Food industry
  • Packaging industry
Technical Specification
Output/Hour* 3600 to 9000 Nos
Electrical Specification**
Conveyor Motor
0.25 HP, 415 Volt­s, 50 Hz
Pressing device Motor 0.25 HP, 220 Volts, 50 Hz
Sticker Roll Stepper Motor 6V DC

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High Speed Linear Bottle Washing Machine

Ideal for round bottles, this High Speed Linear Bottle Washing Machine finds extensive application in food, beverages and food industries. With automatic loading arrangement amenities loading of bottles on to SS wire mesh conveyor via feed conveyor or bottles are pressed manually from feed table. This machine saves workforce as bottles are automatically feed into pockets. The mechanical unloading mechanism comprised of unloading bottle persists on to turn table. Easy to install and maintain, this machine is offered at affordable prices.

  • High pressure spray nozzle ensure perfect wash of bottles
  • Totally fabricated from SS materials, comprising the basic frame
  • All parts coming in contact with washing jet /zones are made using SS. 316 materials
  • The machine appropriate for handling washes of flat glass and round bottle
  • Water re-cycling arrangement is probable as per customer's need
  • Higher capacity centrifugal pump to wash larger container
Technical Specification
Output / Hour* Up to 6000 Bottle
No. of Pocket Across
Power** Consumption
Main Motor 1 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz
Pump Two Nos 0.5 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz x 2 Nos
Electrical Heater 3 Kw
Wash Cycle 4 Inner + 1 Outer + 1 Air

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Monoblock Bottle Filling and Filling Machine

Monobloc Rotary Volumetric Bottle Liquid Filling and R.O.P.P Machine offered by us functions on the principle of to pour the liquid in the bottle and seal the cap. Comprising of cap sealing and devices on the same top plate, the machine has capping head ad filling head on the top plate.
The machine delivers the liquid into the bottle while the down position and throughout the up position it sucks liquid from the tank. Filling head includes 8 syringes mounted on the center tank and pistons stroke is set by harmonized system which works up-down position. The syringes have individual valve which is controlled by sensor.

  • Drip trays under the conveyor.
  • Single Operator for Two Operations.
  • Safety Guard for Operation and Protection.
  • Electronic Sensor at out feed for Bottle Jamming.
  • Less Caps in chute, automatically stop the Machine.
  • Separate variator drive to control speed of conveyor.
Technical Specification
Output/Hour* 2500 to 5400
Number of head/Syringe 6
Direction of Movement** Left to Right
Fill Size*** 30 ml to 250 ml
Electric Specification** Main Machine 3 HP / 415Volts / 50 Hz
Oriental Bowl 0.25 HP / 415Volts / 50 Hz
Conveyor 0.5 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz

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Magnetic Rotameters

These Rotameter flowmeters are relatively simple and reliable instruments for continuous flow rate indication. This flowmeters consists of a vertical mounted, calibrated tapered tube with float inside and a scale directly calibrated as per flow range taking into account operating Sp. Gr. /Density and operating viscosity with Accuracy of +/- 2% Full Scale Range.

The wide range of rotameters for varied applications makes us amongst the best and most sort after rotameter supplier in india. Our mfg. range includes glass tube, magnetic, low flow, acrylic body, gas, multiple & metal tube, air purge, digital, bypass, water rotameter & rotameters For valve leak testing. Digital Magnetic Rotameter

Riddhi make High accuracy digital metal tube rotameters are used in place of glass tube rotameters wherein there is high pressure and high temperature in the line which glass tube rotameter cannot withstand. This magnetic flow meter uses magnetic float which is detected by highly sensitive magnetic field detection sensor which enables to show digital readout. This flow meter does not require any electrical connection, as it operates on replaceable battery. This flow meter has in built two wire transmitter i.e 4-20 mA output.

Ranges Available : From 0.2 to 150 m 3 /Hr (Water Flow) From 6 to 4500 Nm 3 /Hr (Air Flow)
Accuracy : +/- 2% of Full Scale Range. Range Ability : 10 : 1
Temperature Rating : -50 to 120 o C
Pressure Rating : 70 Kg/cm 2
Enclosure : Flameproof/Weatherproof
Line Size : from 15 NB to 150 NB
Power Supply : 9 VDC Battery
Optional : Flow totalizer inbuilt or external can be provided on request.

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